Prof. Wiktor Zin

Aneta Jaźwińska's artistic creativity

In 1997, Aneta Jaźwińska obtained her Master's Degree from the European Academy of Art in Warsaw, in the department of Graphic Design (passing with a distinction). I was already aware of her artistic personality and the abilities which she displayed during her studies and it transpired that she had already completed art studies in Toronto and Ontario in Canada as well as being a graduate of a Medical Yocational School in Warsaw. Ali this meant that she stood out from the other students both for her rangę of interests and also for the extraordinary ease with which she acąuired knowledge and shaped her own creative personality.

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Bogdan Skorkowski

One can tell en eminent artist by their creative interest being situated in the realm of absolute himian values, and an innovative approach to them. Such an artist is recognisabłe by their techniąue and? above all, the talent, the richness of personality, of the creative output and commitment to art Do Aneta Jaźwinska's paintings and her entire output comprising ceramic sculptures, stage designs and also posters - give grounds for concluding that the young artist has the bearings of an extraordinary artistic personality?

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Marian Rumin

The art of Aneta Jażwińska

Aneta Jażwińska's art is traditional and classic in the sense that it is based on the fimdamental values of that branch of art which is concerned with colour, light and the interpretation of your perceived surroundings according to your own feelings and understanding. She is also a highly personal artist and differs greatly from numerous aspects of pure art. Not having any pretensions or temptations about the power of the new in modern art, her observations and perceptions take her through the depths of the phenomena, and the secrets, of naturę, both that which surrounds her as well as that which is entwined in her own creative process. Until nów, her work has been characterized by her humility to the surrounding beauty and her discretion to her own free creative naturę.

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Barbara Szubińska

One of the most valuable treasures which our country will take into the European Union is our artists and their art. These highly odginał and praise-worthy assets arę not as widely known as they deserve to be sińce, in this country, the art of meat (on the piąte) is still admired morę than the art in museums and galleries. Artists in our country have never considered themselves locked in by some kind of magie force. Quite the opposite! Their openness to the world and determination in their activities was always, and still is, proofof their vivacity, intelligence and talent.

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