Barbara Szubińska

One of the most valuable treasures which our country will take into the European Union is our artists and their art. These highly odginał and praise-worthy assets arę not as widely known as they deserve to be sińce, in this country, the art of meat (on the piąte) is still admired morę than the art in museums and galleries. Artists in our country have never considered themselves locked in by some kind of magie force. Quite the opposite! Their openness to the world and determination in their activities was always, and still is, proofof their vivacity, intelligence and talent.

I derive a real sense of satisfaction knowing that Aneta Jaźwińska started her active life as an artist in a happy atmosphere, not limited either by administrative restrictions (such as they arę) or by the true or false opinions of the "authorities". The country is open, horizons arę unblocked and although many roads lead to Everest (Chomolungma), the one which you choose is yours.
Analysing Aneta Jaźwińska's pictures, I get the impression that by choosing the countryside as her motif, she wishes to reveal several hidden truths. Aneta is very aware, sensitive, well-informed and with a virtuous soul. With unrestricted creative freedom, she reminds us that at all times, irrespective of trends and directions, tradition is important. Painting is closeness to naturę, tenderness, nobleness, beauty and lyrical poetry, the specific dramaturgy of a coloured palette, a certain kind of functionality of rhythm which instills a type of order - it is completely opposite to the chaos arising from artistic shortcomings.
Aneta expresses herself convincingly and her pictures hołd you in their spell, forcing you to look at them and to contemplate, to marvel at the artist's talent and the naturę which constitutes the treasure chest of inspiration and wealth. Her pictures appear to be built up in a simple and consistent way. The outlook on life and imagination of a young artist revealing a certain kind of ordinariness and a common law gather together all the elements and, by using the intensity of colour, form and composition, carry the natural element of reality above any false set-up which may arise from other people's instructions or doctrines.
Aneta Jaźwińska's art is a spontaneous and sincere declaration of love for the naturę which surrounds us and it is a source of emotional renewał for the viewers.

prof. Barbara Szubińska